kaholo (vamp) take two steps to the right, bring your feet together, take two steps to the left, bring your feet together and repeat process all over again
ami rotate hips in a counter-clockwise motion without moving shoulders
sway swing your hips to the right and left
ami poe poe

as you ami (counter-clockwise) you turn counter-clockwise keeping your left foot in its place and turn by stepping with your right foot

*do the opposite if you move correspondingly: clockwise ami to turn clockwise keeping your right foot in place and turn by stepping with your left foot

hela while keeping your stance straight extend your foot forward as you sway: extend your right foot as you sway to the left and extend your left foot as you sway to the right
kalakaua step forward and sway in the same direction
uwehe step and lift your heels; you should not be lifting you entire body, stay level as you uwehe so that only your legs are moving
lele uwehe

make a side step, hela with the opposite foot and uwehe

*step to the left, hela with the right foot and uwehe (vice versa) 

kui take a small step and as your foot hits the ground your other foot sweeps up far enough to be level with your knee
tui (bump) abrupt sways
i lalo to go down
i luna to rise
lava stop
imua go forward
ihope go backward

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