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Isitolo & Evelyn Oloa | Charlene Oloa | Salamasina Oloa | Mikaele Oloa
Natalie Oloa | Lucille Ebalo | Kavika Leututu

The group originated in Waialua, Hawaii in 1986. Entertaining for many occassions, the group participated in various Christmas craft fairs, The Fourth of July celebrations, and local church bazaars. The dancers were also known as the World Pacific Dancers in the 1988 "Wave of the Future" World Pacific Wrestling Show.

In 1989, Isitolo and Evelyn Oloa moved to Pittsburgh, PA to become choreographers and cast members of "Hawaii in Pittsburgh" located in Pittsburgh, PA. The show brought in thousands of people from the eastern United States as well as Canada, bringing memories of the Polynesian islands to many. In 1996, the home base for "Hawaii in Pittsburgh" was sold and the cast members continued entertaining for river boat shows, dinner theatres and private parties.

In 1998, Isitolo and Evelyn Oloa moved to Orlando, FL. With a whole new group, they continue what they had started in Hawaii. In Orlando, they have found new life in Kalena's building a successful school that would win in numerous Tahitian Competitions. This also brought about growth in their four children: Charlene, Salamasina, Mikaele and the newest addition Natalie-Rose. Mikaele Oloa became the youngest fire knife competitior at the PCC World competition to win the title of The World Fire Knife Dance Champion. He was only 15 years old!

In 2008, Isitolo, Evelyn and three of their children have settled down in Waialua, HI to give rebirth to the original Kalena's Polynesian 'Ohana. Their oldest daughter, Charlene Oloa, continued the operations of the Orlando branch from 2008 to 2015.

• Founded Kalena's in Waialua, Haleiwa and Orlando
• Founded and curently operating "Kalena's Hut" which servies local BBQ in Kahuku, HI
• Produced and Directed "Polynesian Fire" which showed at the La Comedia in Ohio
• Choreographers and lead dancers of "Hawaii in Pittsburgh," "Christmas in Hawaii"
• Choreographed and were lead dancers for multiple Polynesian shows in Ohio and Wisconsin